I was one of the first in the East Bay to be certified as an EcoBroker because I care deeply about the environment. In 2007 my real estate company, Marvin Gardens, was the first “Certified Green” real estate business in Berkeley.

We’re lucky that today there are many ways to make your home more sustainable while staying in your budget. I can help you identify the most cost-effective green improvements to your home, improvements that will not only make your life better now, but will also be an important marketing differentiator if you want to sell.

Specific ways I can help-

  • Avoiding waste by reusing materials when possible or recycling responsibly.

  • I instruct my painters to only use no-VOC paint in the homes, and I never use dyed wood chips for landscaping.

  • I work with local owner-operated stores whenever possible, or even peruse local vintage markets for period fixtures that have style, soul and sustainability. Upcycling is so rewarding! The perfect antique doorknob can bring a huge dose of style.